giovedì 27 settembre 2012

Eddie Borgo & Dior - Fall 2012

Fall 2012 - Dior Couture... look at this masterpiece...

Isn't she amazing? I love Dior way of design dress, I don't like all the models because most of them are really particular, sometimes too much. She is amazing, the dress is fantastic and Julianne Mooreused it during The 2012 Emmys, and today she's the "Best dressed" at

I was not able to discover the precise kind of necklace she's wearing in this picture, but I found the amazing Fall 2012 collection of Eddie Borgo and of his gold necklaces is very similar. Try to compare the pictures.

Personally I think this piece of jewelry can match Dior's clothing, and can also be used with other amazing masterpieces of Dior or other stylist. It's elegant, chic, big and particular. Golden jewelry are always an important choice of style.

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