mercoledì 14 marzo 2012

Fashion jewelry trends 2012

Every year there are many different jewelry fashion styles. Usually you can find different kind of jewelry in every different season: colors, shapes and materials can be used by the jewelry designers to create completely different emotions in those people interested in jewelry.

The spring and summer trends are going to be between the exotic styles and the classics. The floral jewelry trend is tailor made for the romantic women and girls. There will be a lot of jewelry inspired by flowers, petals, buds and floral arrangements. This fantastic kinds of jewels are actually very traditional and the designers try to create flower shaped jewelry using new materials.
Not only the good girls and women use those kind of jewels, also the most emancipated and strong ladies sometimes used to use those kind of fashion jewelry because those fashion pieces are in contradiction with the typical style.

Another interesting 2012 jewelery fashion trend is related to the very precious gemstone: emerald. Since the 2012 those precious kind of rubies have been used by many designers because of them compatibility with white gold and diamonds. For example during the Golden Globes 2012 Julianne Moore, Emily Deschanel (in the picture she's wearing flower-shaped emerald rings) and Lea Michele used those kind of emerald accessories and have been mentioned in many jewelry journals.

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