mercoledì 22 agosto 2012

Fashion jewelry trends: Autumn 2012

Fall&Winter 2012: ice lovely cream!

This is the way I've decided to call the new fashion trend, colors and styles. It's so fantastic: it is sweet as an ice cream and cold at the same time, but it is also lovely and related to the past because of the Vintage trend of this 2012 and cream is The color of this autumn/winter fashion seasons.

Fall 2012 is so close and as far as I remember last year we used grey, brown, black, the year before violet, grey and black... so boring!!!

Bracelets are what you need to wear, I don't know why, but seriously this year we have to be different! The last trend suggest us to wear bracelets, it have to be a sort of remembrance of summer... 

Your bracelets have to be manufactured from leather, and pink, cream, light brown, light green colored, otherwise you can choose some Vintage models such as the one you can buy at H&M's. Plastic is ok during the day, at night golden jewelry and particular shapes such as animals, roses, objects are perfect.

Rings and earrings: mix everything, use the colors of the Big ice cream cone as your inspiration! Pieces of jewelry and colors, create new ideas of fashion! I suggest you to combine milky stones pendants with enamel rings and earring, use gold jewels and plastic one to let the others misunderstand what you are wearing.

This year you can create a new autumn style, do not be afraid, try to do it in the most freely way you have never tasted before!

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