martedì 29 maggio 2012

Golden woman vs. plastic woman

The society is changing, year by year, day by day and today the idea of a woman such as women's ideas are changing too. There are hundreds faces of this world which have been developed themselves somehow, but the traditional, natural way of living is more or less the same, we all are still breathing! ;)

Which is the meaning of jewelery? How is it changing? What people can communicate with them and what will the other understand?
Pieces of jewelry are today such as in the past part of non-verbal communication (such as clothing and make up), men and women use them more or less everyday. Some people are very keen on jewelry, some of them because of a necessity to be fashion, others just because jewelry are precious little pieces of art.

In the past people wanted to communicate the monetary power, the opportunity to spend money for things concretely useless, with a the only utility of being a sign of power and wealthiness. People used to prefer the kind of jewelry represented in the picture of the Golden woman, also today there are some people which prefer to flaunt richness but most of the young clever women are stopping this trends. How? Choosing the simplest jewelry, simplest shapes and materials.

Contemporary women prefer to use and to buy the simplest jewelry: without tons of gemstones, without heavy yellow gold frame and flashy ornaments in general. Women want contemporary jewels, creative shapes, original materials such as plastic, stones, copper, papers, buttons, caps or recycled stuff.

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